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Sands -- Music Service - SLA-190869 - Service Level Agreement


This Agreement is made between the Governing Body of the School (the client) and Safe and Sound Music Service (the service provider) herein known as "Sands Music Service".


This agreement will run from 01 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. It is subject to annual review and may be extended or varied by agreement between the parties.


The intent is to regulate dealings between the parties by setting out respective obligations relating to performance and payment for services.

Through instrumental tuition Sands Music Service aims to:
  • Encourage the full development of each student's musical potential, their feelings for and enjoyment of music through a broad and balanced range of musical opportunities, including participation in composing, performing, listening and appraising.
  • Develop, through a range of musical activities, students' sense of self-discipline, self-confidence and social awareness;
  • Promote and value students' understanding, skill, experience, attitudes and wellbeing.
  • Work in close partnership with all stakeholders to provide a service matching their individual needs, whilst creating, nurturing and sustaining a co-ordinated and integrated approach with other providers;
Service Description and Specification

The following range of services is supplied to schools, normally subject to the payment of a charge:

Instrumental Tuition
School Ensemble Direction

Sands Music Service can provide experienced musicians to help schools develop the music-making opportunities for pupils by providing leadership with ensembles. If the ensemble is to take place outside of school hours a named member of staff must be available to be responsible for the students and liaise with parents.

Classroom music support through the Musicianship Programme

An experienced Musician will work with a class and their teacher to teach practical musical activities whilst introducing instrumental playing. These Musicians are experienced and are appropriately placed to inspire young people to consider learning a musical instrument.

Music Workshops

Music Workshops are provided by a professional musician who can demonstrate their instruments and offer a range of musical activities for either individual classes or whole year groups which focus upon performing, composing, listening and appraising.

Music Service Responsibilities - Quality Assurance
Response to urgent enquiries will normally be within three working days. All non-urgent enquiries will receive a response within one week.

Safe and Sound Music Service staff are:
  • Appropriately experienced and appointed after interview, audition and DBS clearance;
  • Kept up to date through a full programme of in-service training; including safeguarding
  • Subject to performance management and appraisal.

Guitar / Ukulele Lessons:

All teaching is carried out in accordance with guidelines set out in the Sands Music Service Teachers' Handbook

All work undertaken:

Will be in liaison with the school in order to match its own programs of work and examination policy.


Written reports on each instrumental pupil's progress will be provided once a year in the Sands Music Service format.

School (Client) Responsibilities
  • Schools must ensure that the teaching location and conditions are suitable for the task, e.g. sufficient space, heated room.
  • Basic equipment should be provided, e.g. instruments, music stands, music, photocopier and materials as necessary.
  • The school is responsible for arranging accompanists for music examinations
  • The school has a joint responsibility with the Sands Music Service for the organisation of lessons and pupil attendance.
Reductions and increases in time

Please be aware that Sands Music Service requires notice in writing of any reductions or increases in provision. In the case of reductions, failure to give the full amount of notice, as per the dates listed below, will result in a charge for the original hours until the next effective date.

  • Charges will be subject to review on an annual basis at the beginning of each financial year.
  • Schools will be notified of the rates for the next financial year at the end of March.
  • For the financial year 2020/20 tuition charges for Denbighshire schools are £32.00 per hour, £30.00 per hour if booking 3 hours or more from one individual Instructor.
  • For the financial year 2020/20 tuition charges for Flintshire, Conwy and independent schools are £36.00 per hour.
Charging and Payment Procedures
  • Sands Music Service will send a statement at the beginning of each term showing charges for instrumental tuition booked.
  • Sands Music Service will process the booking at the beginning of term for your school as per the statement, if you wish to be invoiced rather than usingPayPalplease let us know at time of booking.

Any lessons missed due to Sands Music Service cancellation will be refunded or credit note at the end of each term.

  • Copies of registers for each term’s instrumental tuition and/or school ensemble direction will be available on request at the end of each term. It will enable schools to see which pupils are attending lessons regularly.
  • Charges for provision other than instrumental tuition and school ensemble, e.g. School Support Packages as outlined on the Schools Support Services Order form will normally be charged individually by invoice.
  • Any queries relating to the calculation of charges should be directed to the Sands Music Service.
Review Procedure

Any queries relating to the calculation of charges should be directed to the Sands Music Service.

Monitoring of all work and quality assurance is a continuous process undertaken by the Safe and Sound Music Service, in partnership with the school

Queries, Concerns and Complaints Procedure
  • Any queries, concerns or complaints arising during the course of this agreement should be made to the Sands Music Service.
  • Clients who feel that they have not received an adequate response from the Service Manager of Sands Music Service, may appeal in writing to the Director of Children's Services
  • If mutual confidence in the operation of this SLA is not restored, it may be terminated by either side by giving three months' notice in writing.


    SANDS Music Service Contact

     All matters arising from this agreement should be referred to:

    Safe and Sound Music Service

    Telephone: - 07990590073

    E-mail: Website:


    Note: Sands as referred to within this document is an acronym of "Safe and Sound"

    Sands Music Service - SLA-190869

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